Meet Our

  • Wang Xin


    Wang is a serial entrepreneur. Prior to SealBlock, he was the founder of a third-party payment processing company. He has a deep understanding of payments and financial services industry. He holds an EMBA degree from Tsinghua University.

  • Rick Wang


    Rick holds Ph.D. in information security and worked as a security researcher at Microsoft Research. He has identified vulnerabilities in the services of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Dropbox, PayPal, and Yahoo!. His research findings were reported by CNN, CNET, Forbes, and MSNBC, and others.

  • Li Yuanmin


    Li is a serial entrepreneur, former founder of a financial asset management company, and a director of several listed companies. He is focused on value investing in the primary and secondary capital markets, familiar with capital operations. Li holds an EMBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.

  • Richard Yu


    Richard has 11 years of experience in team management, project management, project pre-sales. Technical background includes enterprise technology adoption, information security, blockchain.

    Prior to SealBlock Richard worked for 7 years as the regional pre-sales leader of the telecom industry in HP, managing project bidding, project implementation, and delivery. At EMC, Richard was driving product development and technical support for the EMC’s storage product line.
  • Stan Bounev


    Stan brings a powerful combination of over 17 years of product management and business development expertise in the financial services and technology industries.

    As the Chief Product Officer and later as the Customer Success Officer at VeriClouds, Stan spent most of his time thinking about security controls and the practical approaches to protecting against the leading cause of data breaches – the weak or stolen credentials.

    At Microsoft Stan was driving the product planning and product management of key capabilities and security features of and Windows Client.

  • Steve Fang

    VP Engineering

    Steve has 10+ years of experience developing enterprise-class commercial projects: web and windows application development, Restful API, GUI development, middle tier and database programming. He is experienced at penetration testing, security analysis and mitigation (XSS, CSRF,etc.), performance tuning: securing database layer, middle layer, and Front-end Javascript performance.

  • Simon Han

    VP of Sales

    Simon has 10 years of experience in sales of IT products and solutions. Prior to working at Sealblock, Simon was a regional sales manager of IT hardware at Digital China, senior IT solutions sales manager at Hewlett-Packard Corporate Services Group, and service sales manager Dell.


  • Jiaping Wang


    Executive director at Sinovation Ventures, early investor of Bitmain, former lead researcher at Microsoft Research.

  • Steve Tout


    Rich industry connections, worked as an executive at several US Internet companies, including PwC, Oracle, VMware, AT&T, and US Bank.

  • Joe Huang


    Antrest Blockchain Hub Founder and CEO,advised 10+ top tier blockchain projects, founder of Blockchain Developer Alliance.

  • Zhiqiang Lin


    Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at The Ohio State University and founder of the University’s Computer Security Laboratory (SecLab).

  • Xuxian Jiang


    Associate Professor at North Carolina State University, previously Chief Scientist at Qihoo 360, now founder of PeckShield.