Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SealBlock™?

SealBlock™ is an award-winning digital wallet featuring the industry’s first programmable, hardware-based hot storage solution.

Is SealBlock™ reliable?

Absolutely! Binance cofounder Yi He presented SealBlock™with the Special Security Award at the 2018 BlockchainAwakens Security Conference in San Mateo, California. We are receiving ongoing feedback from our existing user base and constantly improving the product.

Does SealBlock™ have access to customers’ private keys?

SealBlock™ does not have access to the private keys of its customers. Keys are encrypted and stored within SealBlock hardware with multi-sig policy enforced. Moving funds requires signatures from customers so that even SealBlock employees cannot move funds by themselves.

What are examples of the access control features enabled by the programmable signing policies?

SealBlock’s™ programmable signing policies can be used to enable:

  • Multi-signature (2-10 wallets). This can serve the multi-factor authentication in Web 2.0
  • You can define a list of trusted addresses and the wallet will ensure that only addresses within this whitelist can receive funds from your SealBlock wallet.
  • Transaction limit, e.g. a transaction can’t be larger than 2BTC
  • A combination of these rules.

How can cloud-based storage be as safe as hardware-based storage?

Intel’s SGX uses Secure Enclave Technology to store private keys and manage transaction. The secure enclave is specifically designed by Intel to prevent malicious user to tamper with the secure enclave.

What crypto coins does SealBlock™ support?

SealBlock™ currently supports Ethereum and tokens using the ERC-20 standard. Support of BTC and other coins are in development.

What is SGX Secure Enclave Technology?

Newer CPU’s from Intel enable software running on Windows or Linux to encrypt a segment of memory referred to as a “secure enclave” using keys stored in the CPU to remain inaccessible from the operating system. This allows data stored in the secure enclave to remain safe in the event that the operating system is compromised.

Can SealBlock help me if for some reason I can’t access my SealBlock wallet via Metamask?

Yes, we can. You will need to sign a legal claim in order to recover the funds.

What are the different form factors that can be used for your wallet technology?

Our technology can be installed on:

  • the cloud (Azure and AliBaba)
  • a network appliance owned by SealBlock
  • network appliance owned by our customer
  • mountable rack in our customer’s datacenter.

What is the difference between SealBlock™ and cold storage wallets like Ledger and Trezor?

SealBlock™ is the first cryptocurrency wallet technology to use Intel’s SGX Secure Enclave technology, which allows the wallets built with that technology to offer comparable security to cold storage with the convenience of hot storage –  quick and easy access to funds.