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Organizations use SealBlock to protect their private keys and securely sign transactions

Stolen and abused private keys have cost exchanges and their customers billions in digital assets that can never be replaced. Many exchanges chose to have 99% of client funds in cold storage to promote the safety of their platform, and while holding client funds in cold storage provides a maximum level of security, moving virtual assets in and out of cold storage is a timely process. Transferring funds in and out of cold storage requires operators to physically retrieving the hardware device. A sudden spike in trading volume or a particularly large withdrawal can put an organization in an embarrassing situation. Delays to the availability of funds subjects users to missed opportunities while waiting for withdrawals that can take days, if not weeks to process.

Make compromising a thing of the past with SealBlock’s™ award-winning Enterprise Wallet solution featuring a programmable Trusted Execution Environment. Client funds remain safe and accessible in the SGX Secure Enclave, where security can still be enforced when the host software is compromised by an attacker. Create signing policies to control when funds can be transferred, which wallets they can be transferred to, and what conditions must be met before a transfer can occur. Automating the management of funds allows institutions to serve clients with greater efficiency without compromising the safety of their money.

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