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数字资产安全托管,主流币种支持,基于Intel SGX芯片级硬件加密技术提供内鬼防御级别安全性、多重签名、白名单、上限额度等安全规则、7X24服务

Organizations use SealBlock to securely store their digital assets

Securing client funds is no easy task. Traditional protocols for managing client funds in hedge funds and custodial services do not apply when dealing with digital assets that can be lost forever at the push of a button. The New York BitLicense and money transmitter regulations requires institutions that store, hold, or maintain custody or control of digital currency on behalf of a person to hold the same type and amount of currency owed to that person and moving cryptocurrency between hot wallets and cold storage often requires operators to physically move funds from one location to another. When deposits and withdrawals take days to process, consumers must consider the potential for missing out on critical investment opportunities.

SealBlock provides a complete digital asset management solution featuring a programmable Trusted Execution Environment enabling enterprise-grade security using Intel’s SGX Secure Enclave technology. With our award-winning Enterprise Wallet, businesses no longer have to compromise between security and user experience. SealBlock™ acts as a bridge between hot and cold storage solutions by using programmable signing policies to provide total control over the flow of funds in your organization and allow your business to significantly reduce the time spent onboarding new customers. Our solution can be seamlessly integrated with your service and automated to your custom specifications. Elevate your customer experience by allowing immediate access to deposited funds with SealBlock.

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