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Today’s Crypto Wallets Don’t Cut It

Private keys and digital signing with private keys are the most critical process in blockchain environment. Stolen or abused private keys have caused loss of huge amount of digital assets worth billions of dollars. Users or businesses nowadays often use the “cold wallet” method to save the private keys offline. Although the security has improved, it has severely lowered the efficiency of processing and brought with it a series of problems such as loss and high management costs.

SealBlock™ hardware wallet is an innovative hardware encryption product dedicated to blockchain transactions. It introduces a new generation of hardware encryption technology to protect private keys and blockchain transactions.

SealBlock™ Hardware Wallet

Transaction signing policy is an extra layer of protection and policy enforcement. It is programmable: meets requirements of diversified applications and scenarios. It is hardware enclave: security enforced even if host software is compromised by a hacker.

User Authenticationsoftware
Transaction Signing Policyhardware
Transaction Issuingsoftware

Recognition from “Blockchain Awakens”

Yi He, co-founder of Binance, gave “Special Security Award’ to the SealBlock team at the Blockchain Awakens security conference ”Hackathon 2018” in San Mateo, CA.

We’re thankful for the recognition of our secure wallet technology.

Among the first Intel SGX partners. Invited to Intel industry events to showcase its Intel SGX implementation

Key Features


SealBlock™ hardware wallet can be online 24/7 to serve queries while maintaining highest security protection.


Private keys are always sealed/encrypted on storage and during runtime with Intel SGX.


SealBlock™ supports programmable signing policy to define flexible and sophisticated access control policy for using private keys.


SealBlock™ loads/erases private keys and associated business data in real-time and it’s easy to integrate with business servers.

How it works?

SealBlock™ hardware wallet uses next generation of hardware encryption technology (Intel SGX) to build a physical crypto boundary for a trusted execution environment. Private keys and signing policy are sealed within SGX Secure Enclave and signings are performed within the Enclave, in order to ensure that the entire process is safe and controllable under the condition that the digital signing function continues to be online, and can achieve a level of defense even against rogue administrators.

Use the SealBlock™ hardware wallet

Send transaction request
API Interface
Send transaction data
Secure Enclave
Sign transaction with private key if no signing policy violated
Blockchain network

Send signed transaction data

Solutions from SealBlock™

SealBlock™ is the industry’s first programmable, hardware-based wallet solution for securing digital assets

Enterprise Hot Wallet

Protect your digital keys and securely sign transactions

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Digital Asset Management

Offload the risk of storing your cryptocurrency to us

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Digital Wallet APIs

Create client-side wallet features and interfaces with our APIs

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Personal Digital Wallets

Use an enterprise-grade wallet service for your personal needs

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SealBlock™ Ecosystem

The SealBlock™ ecosystem provides security and privacy protection at foundation level, based on which a large set of secure wallet APPs and customized hardware could arise to serve various application scenarios. This project will support seamless payment within the ecosystem as well.

Two types of users


Customers (Consumers and Businesses) use wallet APPs and customized hardware.


Developers (Software and Hardware) develop wallet APPs and customized hardware to serve Customers.